Mentoring Students

These are some of the students that I have mentored:Screenshot 2016-07-26 21.23.13

Current Mentees:

Screenshot 2017-08-30 16.27.29
Grant Kinsler

Grant Kinsler

Graduate student: 2016 – current

Research summary: Grant is users Fisher’s geometric model to investigate the number of strategies represented among mutants that thrive in glucose-limited media.





Anisa Noorasa

Anisa Noorasa

Graduate student: 2016 – current

Research summary: Anisa is testing whether mutations that give yeast a growth advantage under glucose limitation also affect growth in media containing low levels of anti-fungal drugs.





Chelsea Ramjeawan’s first gel!

Chelsea Ramjeawan

High school student: 2014 – current

Research summary: Chelsea is searching for genes that influence yeast single-cell morphology.




Grace, Iris, KGS, Margot, Anisa

Molecular Biology & Evolution Trainees:

A program that supports women in science

Summary: I founded this high school student training program in 2016. It meets for 6 hours per week. There are 6 students currently tracking how the frequencies of diverse adaptive mutations change over time across subtly different environmental conditions. Please see our website [click here].


Past Mentees:

Austin Blake Taylor

Austin Taylor

Undergraduate student: 2012 – 2015

Research summary: One of Austin’s many projects was to search for genes that contribute to non-genetic heterogeneity.

Current: Pursuing masters degree in Biology at New York University



Harris Lazaris

Harris Lazaris

Graduate student: 2013

Research summary: Harris developed methods to quantify the extent of pleiotropy among genes influencing yeast cell morphology.

Current: Pursuing PhD at New York University



Stephanie Wang

Stephanie Wang

Undergraduate student: 2010 – 2011

Research summary: Stephanie quantified the fitness cost of misfolded Ura3 in exponentially growing yeast cells.

Current: Pursing MD at John Hopkins School of Medicine, specializing in OBGYN.



Rachana Haliyur

Rachana Haliyur

Undergraduate student: 2009

Research summary: Rachana developed an experimental system to quantify protein misfolding by physically linking essential proteins to misfolded proteins.

Current: Pursuing MD/PhD at Vanderbilt University, studying mechanisms of pancreatic alpha cell dysfunction in type 1 diabetes.



Ashley Fry

Ashley Fry

Undergraduate student: 2009

Research summary: Ashley performed a screen to isolate temperature sensitive proteins after random mutagenesis.

Current: Obtained JD from Columbia University; working in patent litigation.