Teaching & Outreach

The teaching philosophy of the KGS lab is to let our passion for what we do shine when we teach others about biology. We ask as many questions as we answer to get students or the public engaged in learning and thinking about molecular biology and evolution. Can we predict whether evolution happens the same way in response to pressures that are only a tiny bit different?

Wouldn’t you like to know!

(Image shows a thank you card sent to KGS for teaching some prospective scientists about DNA) 


Screenshot 2016-07-29 23.30.50

Past outreach has included:

  • Co-organizing a bi-annual public lecture series on science in the news from 2009 –
    2011 (it is going strong today! http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu)
  • Giving 30 minute presentations to audiences of over 200 as part of this public science education lecture series
  • Giving lectures to high school classes
  • Teaching basic science to elementary school classes
  • Judging high school science fairs
  • Mentoring high school students in biology research
  • Contributing to science blogs (e.g. http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/uncategorized/2010/issue65/)


Screenshot 2016-07-29 18.32.25Courses for which KGS was a teaching fellow (assistant) at Harvard University:

  • Genetics, Genomics and Evolution
  •  Microbial Evolution
  •  Evolutionary Biology
    • Experimental Research in the Life Sciences: Led a team of 7 undergraduates in a semester-long research project. Students isolated temperature-sensitive fluorescent protein variants by mastering techniques like mutagenic PCR, yeast transformation and cell culture.